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Covid time: home control deviceWed, 4 Aug 21
See my new project done during last winter: a home control device with local touchscreen, HTTP remote control, analog and digital IO. Based on Raspberry Pi, Debian, and custom eletronics.
Website get back!Mon, 7 Jun 21
Website online again; was down since OVH Strasbourg datacenter fire.
Aprire documenti firmati .p7m da Linux con opensslMon, 11 Jan 21
E' possibile utilizzare semplicemente openssl (in genere gia' presente in tutti gli ambienti GNU/Linux) per aprire i file certificati p7m. Per ottenere il file originale dal p7m basta scrivere nella command line:
openssl smime -decrypt -verify -inform DER -in $p7m_file -noverify -out $out_file
ovviamente al posto di $p7m_file occorre inserire il nome del file .p7m, mentre al posto di $out_file va messo il nome del documento da ottenere.

Tratto da:
FreeBSD vs GNU/LinuxMon, 13 Apr 20
Some high level points about why still choose FreeBSD in a server environment in 2020:
(things had not changed too much).
DJ0WH blogTue, 7 Apr 20
Very nice blog about MotoTRBO tips from Motorola EMEA support:
Multilingual text to speech from googleFri, 7 Feb 14
Use the text to speech software from Google Translate. Only one voice but multilingual and very easy. Simply past in the browser this example:"Curse of the Pharaohs"
Change "en" as preferred language ("it", "fr", "es", ...) and text to be read. Voice is promptly downloaded as MP3 file.
"Sharing is a cultural right, not a market failure"Thu, 13 Jun 13
Interesting article of Philippe Agrain entitled "Sharing is a cultural right, not a market failure"
WiFi e locali pubblici in ItaliaSat, 16 Feb 13
Un interessante articolo su una domanda ufficiale del FIPE sulla liberalizzazione della connessione WiFi gratuita nei locali pubblici. In pratica i proprietari dei locali non sarebbero responsabili.
Remotely PHP archive extractTue, 15 Jan 13
This thing has just saved my life, the world should know: to extract an archive from a remote web server without ssh access but only a web and php interface, you can use: kickstart!.
Very useful for kickstart a web server from a zip file.
ToSFri, 24 Aug 12
When you register to a website you don't really read the Term of Services?
A really cool project, ToS;DR, helps everyone to immediately know about the use of you personal data and content. It's a collaborating project, so apply!
Water cooling huge datacenterWed, 22 Aug 12
See the Facebook main datacenter cooling system in this article: the entire building is a water cooling system using outside air flowing from one side to the other.
Next step is building a datacenter in northern icy place, in Sweden.
2011: animated GIFWed, 27 Apr 11
Believing that GIF was dead in modern times?
This photographer makes hi-res images with little movement in it, tipical of old times GIF. Cool result.
ATnT blocks linux users!Wed, 15 Dec 10
The good old times of network indipendence and neutrality are everyday threatened from everywhere. Now this news that the main ISP AT&T is somewhat limiting home users to access internet from operating system different from MS Windows and Apple.
Really GNU/Linux users are causing trouble to AT&T? is that a joke?
And if you are using (i.e. myself) FreeBSD at home?
Fortunately I don't have AT&T, but I find it unacceptable...
Berners-Lee about net neutralityTue, 23 Nov 10
An interesting article of Tim Berners-Lee about the division of Web and Internet and the loosing of Web neutrality and open content, because of the growing of commercial "closed" web-like services. Read it on Scientific American.
If interested on the subject, NEXA organise at Turin the annual conference about Internet and society on sunday 27 november.
I am alive and you are deadFri, 22 Oct 10
Here you can find an interesting article written by Philip Dick in 1978, about his ideas of science fiction.
"I am alive and you are dead"
GoogleCLMon, 21 Jun 10
A very useful Python script has been released to access all Google services using your command line: GoogleCL. Available as ports in FreeBSD.
MechatronicsSat, 29 May 10
Start your mechatronic experience starting with this simple robot conceived by Jerome Demers.
Android SDK for FreeBSDWed, 7 Apr 10
Interesting project about a porting of the Google Android development framework to FreeBSD 8.0:
Frightening url shorterSun, 28 Mar 10
There're too many url shortener (,,,,, ...), but this one is really the best: shadyurl. It gives you a new url that seems suspicious or disturbing.
Who needs multitouch anywaySun, 14 Feb 10
Seems that human ingenuity beats hi-tech iphone accessories: in South Korea some people begins using a meat sausage as stilus for their iphone. Dammit capacitive multi-touch screens!
Play with matter and anti-matterSun, 14 Feb 10
The Large Hydron Collider blog report a simple drawing game from Feynman to easily explain particle physics. Let's draw anti-matter!
Using strange classesThu, 4 Feb 10
Interesting article at RIPE.NET who decided to start to use IP addresses; but they enabled that class on some BGP routers and noticed a lot of pollution.
We are really scraping the bottom of the barrel, seems it's time to pass to IPv6.
Oracle ate SunThu, 2 Feb 10
Apparently the future is the "Oracle SPARC Servers" and "Oracle open software solutions".
And it's not a joke, it's
Debian Squeeze = kFreeBSD? OMG!Sun, 25 Oct 09
It is rumored that next release of Debian, codename Squeeze, will be based on the Debian kFreeBSD project.
That is, Debian distro built with standard GNU glibc but a FreeBSD kernel and modules. IMHO it was time the Linux people open their eyes and have a look at the FreeBSD way to keep things simple. As a FreeBSD user, I think the best would also to take the FreeBSD "world", also glibc and system V init are too much dispersive :D

Original news here at itwire, Debian announce here.
GNSS statusThu, 15 Oct 09
Wanna know about constellation status? if some satellites are in maintenance or disabled?
Here is available the complete status of GPS system. For GLONASS, the list is available here.
Instead for GALILEO we have the second satellite in progress, so no status sheet available. Same with COMPASS/BEIDOU, where two satellites are up and not much info about., 5 Oct 09
I like this interesting page from the staff, shortly about the meanings and ways of opensource, and why multimedia technologies are close to the requirement of freeness like open standards, protocols and procedures.
2009 would not be like '1984' - pt2Mon, 5 Oct 09
Again with the Kindle fact, the guy who have sued Amazon for having removed from his ebook reader an Orwell' book have win a settlement.
All I can said is prompting you to not buy DRM devices.
802.11nTue, 15 Sep 09
On September the 11th the IEEE have ratified the 802.11n standard, an 802.11a/g/h improvement to reach high bandwidth.
Since the draft 2.0 of the purposed standard, some manufacturer like Marvell and Broadcom had already begun selling 802.11n chipsets, speaking of 300MBps. The explanation of this bandwidth is theorically something like this article.
However, many things in real life goes differently: the coupling and multipath of the antennas from receiver to transmitter, the timings, the presence of many clients, ... I believe much more of a pratical testing article like this from tom's hardware, that shows a clearly improvement from the 802.11a/h, but a bandwidth of maximum 100Mbps and a range only a little improved.
11463XMon, 21 Aug 09
Da oggi mi trovate fra questa gente, iscritto alla sezione A degli ing-inf :P
2009 would not be like '1984'Thu, 6 Aug 09
A month ago Amazon, who is selling ebooks with his reader platform Kindle, was found to remove wirelessly the copies of "1984" and "Animal Farm" from customer devices.
The fact was reported on NYTimes. In detail the licensing company of the two Orwell' books doesn't really had those owning rights. So Amazon decided not only to remove the books from his store, but also from the already bought digital copies.
About this question started a controversy, some thinks it's right, some it's bad.
Personally I'm sure Amazon had done incorrectly, and already bought copies have had to be left untouched. A guy also lost his notes on the device: at least a paper book doesn't vanish!
Firefox useless tip (rqdfzhpvi8)Mon, 3 Aug 09
Writing "about:robots" in the address field of Firefox 3 shows a useless page to recall you the utility of robots.
...and they have a plan.
Save old plastics from ugly yellowSun, 26 Jul 09
A common problem of old plastics is their changing of colour, especially the original white-beige becoming clearly an ugly yellow. This phenomena, accelerated by the sun exposure, is really noticeable on old computers case.
A chemist analyzed the problem and started the the Retrobright Project in the effort of saving old plastic from decadence.
In facts the guilt is a chemical element, the bromine, that is added as a flame retardant: this component with UV light start a reaction and the plastic became more and more yellowish.
For the safe of us all the guy found a cure, a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide, that you can make at home with some commercial available product: simply submerge the plastic in it and you give a chance to yous plastics to born again!
++freebsdMon, 8 Jun 09
A nice trick, from Colin Percival, enable you to remotely replace a GNU/Linux system with FreeBSD. This script use the swap space of a running linux to write a FreeBSD ISO image and some executable stuff; after running the script, you reboot the linux machine and it starts as a FreeBSD one loaded into memory. You can then access the system via SSH and proceed with a classic installation.
The script is called depenguinator 2.0 and the reference page is here.
30 anni di spamSun, 7 Jun 09
Brad Templeton raccoglie una serie di interessanti documenti su quelle fastidiose email non richieste chiamate spam.
Il primo "spammer" era probabilmente un impiegato della DEC, che decise di inviare un invito ad una presentazione a tutti gli indirizzi del mid-west su ARPANET. La storia completa e` qui.
E` interessante leggere alcune osservazioni, per esempio quella di Stallman, che prima si lamenta di non averla ricevuta e poi cambia idea :P
AdSense with picturesMon, 1 Jun 09
Google have accustomed us showing ads without colored banners of 90's era, but now it's over. Like many cyclic things, beginning with adsense link pages we have to tolerate image banners.
Oracle eat SunMon, 1 Jun 09
A month ago I've heard about Oracle to buy Sun.
At first I was surprised, I know about dramatically loss of sales in hardware section of Sun, but Sun led a lot of big software project. Clearly Oracle is interested in selling a complete database system, from hardware to database applications.

The deal is not yet closed, but the future of a company that engineers good hardware (as it happened years ago with DEC) and a promoter of open-source software is unclear; and hearing not much details around let me pessimistic about the open-source projects...
Google Maps shotsSun, 25 Jan 09
Sometimes peoples worries, rightfully, about Google Maps in-life intrusion; recently in particular about Google Streetview; someone already invented the robots.txt 2.0 protocol.
But what about the buyers and sellers at this open market in Africa, or those deers, and these sheeps!
Hey, what's that?Fri, 23 Jan 09
I propose this really interesting website:
Despite his bizzare name, it's what I can define a panorama profile simulator. Making extensive use of Google Maps, it represent you the profile of earth-sky division for any place, and let you know if another place is visible or not. And you can also make the viceversa, from the profile know where the place is.
100BaseTTue, 20 Jan 09
Siccome mi sono stufato di sentire e di leggere un po` ovunque diverse teorie sulla lunghezza massima di un cavo Ethernet 100BaseT, faccio un po` di chiarezza.
Il 100Base-T (o meglio 100Base-TX Full-Duplex, questo si utilizza oggi) e` uno standard di interfaccia fisica (livello 1) per il collegamento di una rete Ethernet; esso e` definito sia a livello elettrico, sia fisico che protocollare nella seconda sezione dello standard IEEE 802.3-2005.
Riporto da pagina 280: "Unlike half duplex CSMA/CD networks, the physical size of full duplex 100 Mb/s CSMA/CD networks is not limited by the round-trip collision propagation delay. Instead, the maximum link length between DTEs is limited only by the signal transmission characteristics of the specific cable, as specified in Table 29–5.", poiche' infatti essendo una coppia di fili per TX, ed una di RX, il mezzo non e` condiviso come sul Thick/Thin Ethernet oppure l'Half-Duplex.
Si parla quindi di un massimo di 100 metri con cavo bilanciato ISO/IEC 11801 Classe D; questo standard ISO presuppone indifferentemente un UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) o STP (Shield Twisted Pair) Categoria 5, con un'attenuazione massima del 20%, per cui tipicamente, con poca interferenza, si richiede un 24AWG oppure 26AWG di diametro.

non essendoci restrizioni protocollari, utilizzando un cavo bilanciato con attenuazioni piu` basse da quelle mimime richieste in verita` con il 100Base-TX FD si puo` fare piu` di 100 metri. Con le cautele:
  • lo standard riporta anche specifiche massime per quanto riguarda i ritardi, che dipendono da un sacco di fattori (potrei stare ore qui)
  • gli apparati devono comunicare subito con questo protocollo, senza negoziare altri protocolli Half-Duplex
  • bisogna fidarsi da chi costruisce il cavo, poiche` Categoria 5e o 6 e` un po` generico...
  • nel conteggio dei 100 metri non sono inclusi eventuali cavi patch o giunti, che sicuramente attenuano il segnale
Per cui come nota personale essere conservativi non guasta mai, ma se bisogna fare piu` di 100 metri un buon cavo e un po` di prove prima non guastano.

PS: Anni fa` si parlava di massimo 90 metri. Questo dipende da un'approssimazione dovuta alla diatriba tra ISO/IEC e TIA/EIA: 300 piedi che sono 90 metri. C'e` chi parla anche di 100 metri srotolati, etc etc chi piu` ne ha piu` ne metta.
Shoes...Sat, 17 Jan 09
What a strange browsing path I followed, I've found this strange Ian's shoelace site.
Here you will find every sort of lacing and knot techniques, but really *every* sort, with pictures, detailed howtos and comments. Very interesting the really fast "Ian Knot", but it's not very simple as it seems.
Sci-fi papercraft!Fri, 2 Jan 09
Last night I've found this astonishing papercraft website
Maintained by a prolific Czech guy, the collection of science-fiction items that you can made yourself is really impressive, starting from every Aliens objects to Tron Light-Cicles, passing through Metroid, Robocop, Terminator and so on!
I'm preparing a lot of paper and glue, but... uhmmm where I've put my old inkjet color printer??
The Open DVDThu, 16 Oct 08
Ieri e` uscito TheOpenDVD, ottima raccolta di software libero in italiano per un noto sistema operativo proprietario. La facolta` di utilizzo online e l'obbligo di diffusione di copie masterizzate ne fanno uno strumento formidabile non soltanto per l'utilizzatore medio-basso del PC.
Esame di statoTue, 7 Oct 08
Ebbene si`, ho dato l'esame di stato, passato con ottimissimo risultato, ora sono un Dott. e Ing. completo :P
Is it a good or bad news?Mon, 6 Oct 08

I am nerdier than 99% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

MOCA 2008Thu, 28 Aug 08
Last weekend I was at the most important italian computer camp, the Metro Olografix CAmp. Some shots will follow.
I was hereSat, 9 Aug 08
I've took a 10 day cruise on board of the M/S Noordam "10 day Roman Empire".
Really cool, the places was amazing, the ship and service simply perfect.

Soon I will upload shots on Picasa.
random picture from PicasaSun, 18 May 08
Simple code in PHP using his default XML Parser to extract a random picture from your Google Picasa public albums. It first randomly selects an album, and then a picture and present a thumbnail linked with the album.

See the code in the software project page
Cameras...Thu, 6 Mar 08
Wanna spend your in evening in viewing more or less public camera from internet?
This keywords in google makes miracles :P

inurl:control/userimage OR inurl:/view.shtml OR inurl:view/index.shtml OR inurl:view/indexFrame.shtml OR inurl:/app/idxas.html OR inurl:ViewerFrame OR inurl:axis-cgi OR inurl:sample/LvAppl OR inurl:liveapplet

Laurea!Wed, 16 Nov 07
Today is a good day: I've finally took my M.Sc. in computer science engineering - network applications!
software antitrustMon, 17 Sep 07
A good news in antitrust process versus Microsoft: the european first instance court has fined the company for abusing its dominant position.
However is that done primarily for a equal marketplace in Europe or for economical reasons? the doubt is evident considering the amount of near 5*10^8 euros...

Read article at
deloreanSun, 29 Jul 07
La Delorean Motor Company ha finalmente deciso di reiniziare la produzione della mitica Delorean DMC-12, dopo 25 anni di sola vendita di ricambi per le 6k auto in giro.
Il look e` fantasticamente squadrato e slanciato, le portiere grandiose, il motore... assetato :D

Leggi la notizia completa su LATimes.
daft punk a TorinoSat, 14 Jul 07
Giovedě sera sono stato al grandioso concerto dei Daft Punk presso il Torino Traffic Festival.
Ottima organizzazione, ottimi come sempre i Daft Punk, non male anche gli Lcd Soundsystems che li introducevano.

Innumerevoli sono i video dell'evento su
IPhoneWed, 4 Jul 07
E` in vendita l'Apple iPhone.
Caratteristiche alla mano direi che non e` proprio da comprare, sara` anche stiloso ma pare dotato di tecnologia vecchia di due anni (e non basta a giustificare il prezzo).
Dal mio canto restero` fedele alla serie Sony Ericsson P800/P900, sbavando sul futuro P1, la cui unica pecca e` l'odiosa tastiera.
GPLv3Fri, 29 Jun 07
E` finalmente stato rilasciato il testo della nuova revisione 3 della GNU General Public License (ricordo che la versione 2 e` del 1991).

Il sito di riferimento e` questo:
Ed ecco il testo della licenza:
ReacTableWed, 27 Jun 07
Ecco uno strumento davvero particolare: un tavolo rotondo illuminato su cui appoggiandoci cubetti opportuni si generano tutti le componenti musicali volute, il suo nome e` ReacTable.
...sara` lo strumento musicale elettronico del futuro?

Tutti i video e le info sono disponibili sul sito ufficiale: (i cui video spiegano piu` di mille parole :P)
CinemaSat, 16 Jun 07
Ieri ho visto il film Nirvana (1997) di Gabriele Salvadores. Consigliato, uno dei pochi film italiani (l'unico?) con sia una trama fantascientifica convincente che un'ottima ambientazione cyberpunk.
Stallman e ProfumoMon, 11 Jun 07
Stasera e` stata streammata in diretta da un'intervista tra Richard Stallman e il rettore del Politecnico di Torino Francesco Profumo. Il dibattito e` stato moderato dalla giornalista Anna Masera di La Stampa. Tra i temi toccati la ormai quasi definitiva GPL v3 e l'accordo tra Microsoft ed il Politecnico.

Abbiamo quindi cenato con Stallman ed il suo thinkpad con cui come al solito rispondeva alle mail tra un piatto e l'altro :P

Il filmato dell'intervista sara` disponibile appena possibile qui.
Ecco alcune foto scattate durante l'evento.

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