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go to page: <- 1 2 3 4 5 6 ->    single page, 5 Oct 09
I like this interesting page from the staff, shortly about the meanings and ways of opensource, and why multimedia technologies are close to the requirement of freeness like open standards, protocols and procedures.
2009 would not be like '1984' - pt2Mon, 5 Oct 09
Again with the Kindle fact, the guy who have sued Amazon for having removed from his ebook reader an Orwell' book have win a settlement.
All I can said is prompting you to not buy DRM devices.
802.11nTue, 15 Sep 09
On September the 11th the IEEE have ratified the 802.11n standard, an 802.11a/g/h improvement to reach high bandwidth.
Since the draft 2.0 of the purposed standard, some manufacturer like Marvell and Broadcom had already begun selling 802.11n chipsets, speaking of 300MBps. The explanation of this bandwidth is theorically something like this article.
However, many things in real life goes differently: the coupling and multipath of the antennas from receiver to transmitter, the timings, the presence of many clients, ... I believe much more of a pratical testing article like this from tom's hardware, that shows a clearly improvement from the 802.11a/h, but a bandwidth of maximum 100Mbps and a range only a little improved.
11463XMon, 21 Aug 09
Da oggi mi trovate fra questa gente, iscritto alla sezione A degli ing-inf :P
2009 would not be like '1984'Thu, 6 Aug 09
A month ago Amazon, who is selling ebooks with his reader platform Kindle, was found to remove wirelessly the copies of "1984" and "Animal Farm" from customer devices.
The fact was reported on NYTimes. In detail the licensing company of the two Orwell' books doesn't really had those owning rights. So Amazon decided not only to remove the books from his store, but also from the already bought digital copies.
About this question started a controversy, some thinks it's right, some it's bad.
Personally I'm sure Amazon had done incorrectly, and already bought copies have had to be left untouched. A guy also lost his notes on the device: at least a paper book doesn't vanish!
Firefox useless tip (rqdfzhpvi8)Mon, 3 Aug 09
Writing "about:robots" in the address field of Firefox 3 shows a useless page to recall you the utility of robots.
...and they have a plan.
Save old plastics from ugly yellowSun, 26 Jul 09
A common problem of old plastics is their changing of colour, especially the original white-beige becoming clearly an ugly yellow. This phenomena, accelerated by the sun exposure, is really noticeable on old computers case.
A chemist analyzed the problem and started the the Retrobright Project in the effort of saving old plastic from decadence.
In facts the guilt is a chemical element, the bromine, that is added as a flame retardant: this component with UV light start a reaction and the plastic became more and more yellowish.
For the safe of us all the guy found a cure, a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide, that you can make at home with some commercial available product: simply submerge the plastic in it and you give a chance to yous plastics to born again!
++freebsdMon, 8 Jun 09
A nice trick, from Colin Percival, enable you to remotely replace a GNU/Linux system with FreeBSD. This script use the swap space of a running linux to write a FreeBSD ISO image and some executable stuff; after running the script, you reboot the linux machine and it starts as a FreeBSD one loaded into memory. You can then access the system via SSH and proceed with a classic installation.
The script is called depenguinator 2.0 and the reference page is here.
30 anni di spamSun, 7 Jun 09
Brad Templeton raccoglie una serie di interessanti documenti su quelle fastidiose email non richieste chiamate spam.
Il primo "spammer" era probabilmente un impiegato della DEC, che decise di inviare un invito ad una presentazione a tutti gli indirizzi del mid-west su ARPANET. La storia completa e` qui.
E` interessante leggere alcune osservazioni, per esempio quella di Stallman, che prima si lamenta di non averla ricevuta e poi cambia idea :P
AdSense with picturesMon, 1 Jun 09
Google have accustomed us showing ads without colored banners of 90's era, but now it's over. Like many cyclic things, beginning with adsense link pages we have to tolerate image banners.

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