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Esame di statoTue, 7 Oct 08
Ebbene si`, ho dato l'esame di stato, passato con ottimissimo risultato, ora sono un Dott. e Ing. completo :P
Is it a good or bad news?Mon, 6 Oct 08

I am nerdier than 99% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

MOCA 2008Thu, 28 Aug 08
Last weekend I was at the most important italian computer camp, the Metro Olografix CAmp. Some shots will follow.
I was hereSat, 9 Aug 08
I've took a 10 day cruise on board of the M/S Noordam "10 day Roman Empire".
Really cool, the places was amazing, the ship and service simply perfect.

Soon I will upload shots on Picasa.
random picture from PicasaSun, 18 May 08
Simple code in PHP using his default XML Parser to extract a random picture from your Google Picasa public albums. It first randomly selects an album, and then a picture and present a thumbnail linked with the album.

See the code in the software project page
Cameras...Thu, 6 Mar 08
Wanna spend your in evening in viewing more or less public camera from internet?
This keywords in google makes miracles :P

inurl:control/userimage OR inurl:/view.shtml OR inurl:view/index.shtml OR inurl:view/indexFrame.shtml OR inurl:/app/idxas.html OR inurl:ViewerFrame OR inurl:axis-cgi OR inurl:sample/LvAppl OR inurl:liveapplet

Laurea!Wed, 16 Nov 07
Today is a good day: I've finally took my M.Sc. in computer science engineering - network applications!
software antitrustMon, 17 Sep 07
A good news in antitrust process versus Microsoft: the european first instance court has fined the company for abusing its dominant position.
However is that done primarily for a equal marketplace in Europe or for economical reasons? the doubt is evident considering the amount of near 5*10^8 euros...

Read article at
deloreanSun, 29 Jul 07
La Delorean Motor Company ha finalmente deciso di reiniziare la produzione della mitica Delorean DMC-12, dopo 25 anni di sola vendita di ricambi per le 6k auto in giro.
Il look e` fantasticamente squadrato e slanciato, le portiere grandiose, il motore... assetato :D

Leggi la notizia completa su LATimes.
daft punk a TorinoSat, 14 Jul 07
Giovedý sera sono stato al grandioso concerto dei Daft Punk presso il Torino Traffic Festival.
Ottima organizzazione, ottimi come sempre i Daft Punk, non male anche gli Lcd Soundsystems che li introducevano.

Innumerevoli sono i video dell'evento su

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